Understanding How To Deal With Yeast Infection

A yeast infection does not discriminate, it can affect anyone at any time, young or old, rich or poor, black or white and male or female. The saying, to be forewarned is to be forearmed applies to yeast infections too. The following information is to provide you with a list of symptoms, causes and cures for the common Candida, or yeast infection.

Some people may have one every five years, while others may get a yeast infection every month. If you suffer from a yeast infection, at least four times in twelve months, you are considered to have chronic yeast infections.

Candida Albicans And Candidiasis Can Affect Anyone

Since we all have an immune system, we can all contract a yeast infection. The simple reason why is, when our immune system weakens, Candidiasis or Candida Albicans opportunistically takes over your body and manifests as a yeast infection.

The reasons for the immune system to have weakened are many. The first part of understanding why is knowing what effects the immune system. One major player in the game, in shutting down the immune system, is antibiotics.

The immunities depend on the flora, bacteria or yeast called Candida that normally add to the health and well-being of the digestive system and most of the immunities in our body. When antibiotics are taken, they kill, not only the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria or Candida as well.

When this happens, our immunities weaken, right along with the dying good bacteria. To replenish this good bacteria, we have to actually ingest it. This can be done by eating yogurt, if it has the live cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus. Not all yogurt will have this live culture, so checking the label for the count of actual live bacteria is necessary.

Yeast Infection Is Caused By Weakened Immunities

So, at the point between the dying bacteria and the immune system weakening, is the point called Candida overgrowth. This happens, when the good bacteria or yeast dies. The bacteria or yeast goes into hyper drive and begins its takeover of the body.

As your body, with its now lowered immunities, is bombarded with a rush of dangerous bacteria or yeast, it screams out for help by showing signs of a yeast infection. At this point the yeast is in take over mode and is already causing discomfort and pain, in the form of itching, burning and a discharge in the vaginal or penile area.

During this time, while the yeast is on a rampage, it starts to need food. The food that yeast likes best is sugar. It is not picky how it gets its sugar, it will munch on processed white sugar, white flour or white rice. This yeast, that has now turned fungal, will even make you crave sugars just to feed it.

If your diet was mainly, empty carbohydrates, sugars, fat and junk food, you actually set the perfect environment in your body for the yeast to take over. Yes, it was just a matter of time before the tables flipped and the yeast would take over.

Discussing the remedies, now that the infection has started and has a foot hold on your immune system, the only way to give your immune system a fighting chance is to give it ammunition. This ammunition is the good and friendly bacteria called, lactobacillus acidophilus.

There are many other names and types of this important bacteria, but acidophilus is the more well-known name. The quickest and best way to get this ammunition to the immune system, is to eat the friendly culture or bacteria. It is found in forms like yogurt, but also in capsules and powders. It is very important that you make sure it is the LIVE culture, otherwise it will do no good.

Antibiotics For A Vaginal Yeast Infection

It is true, the treatment that your doctor gives you for a vaginal yeast infection is an antibiotic, usually a wide spectrum antibiotic. He may decide that the infection needs to be controlled and stopped, but now you are armed with the knowledge that it was probably an antibiotic that started the yeast infection in the first place. And the cycle starts over.

However, this time you know how to get a jump on the yeast from coming back. If you have heard your doctor suggest that you eat yogurt, while on antibiotics, now you also know why. Sometimes doctors are too busy to go into detail about the live culture, and to make sure you get a yogurt with millions of friendly bacteria.

Or too busy to make sure that you know the live bacteria have been handled, from manufacturer to store shelves, with extreme care. And to warn you that if it has been exposed to light or heat, the live culture is now dead.

But then, maybe he might not see you in his office as often, for those pesky yeast infections you get every couple of months. He may lose out on collecting an office exam fee, the extra charge for use of the lab for a culture, and a perk from the drug company for issuing more antibiotic prescriptions.

The Best Diet For Candida

diet for candida yeast infection

When some people hear the word diet, they automatically think of the hassle that will accompany a diet. They also think of the restrictions that are usually involved, along with the measuring and the calorie counting. These diets are usually to lose weight and the focus may not always be on getting the body healthy.

However, with the Candida Diet, its main goal is to get your body back to good health and avoid reoccurring yeast infections or Candida. This focuses on the reason why we get yeast infections in the first place. This diet has researched the effects of sugars, fast foods and junk foods and has found the connection between diet and your chronic yeast infections.

A Diet Like No Other For Candida

The Candida Diet looks at the reasons a yeast infection happens in the body. By understanding this, a knowledge is gained and a result is formulated into a step-by-step plan, thats easy to follow and a start to feeling better and healthier than you may have been before.

We all have Candida, a good natural bacteria or yeast that grows in our bodies to maintain the health of our immune system and of our digestive functions. When circumstances arise that kill the Candida, it starts the Candida overgrowth and quickly becomes out of control. This unfortunately is no longer the good yeast, rather it is the yeast that quickly attacks our immune system and disrupts our digestive processes.

The studies have shown that there are some major things that are happing in the body to cause this flip from good to bad yeast. One or more of the things that happen to cause the flip are estrogen therapy, birth control, out of control sugar in diabetics, stress, steroids, wearing synthetic underwear or nylons, but the most common is taking prescription antibiotics.

Antibiotics are a great new modern drug that has saved millions of lives, modern as in the last hundred years or so. There is no doubt that at some point most of us will need a round of antibiotics. The dark side of taking antibiotics is the effect it has on the good yeast, harbored and helping our bodies stay healthy and infection free.

Eliminate Sugar And Gain Your Health Back

As part of the research on Candida, it was discovered that the yeast lives, the bad kind, lives on and craves sugar. Any kind of sugar, white sugar, white flour, white rice and any processed and nutrition striped foods that becomes sugar once it hits our metabolism. It will actually cause the yeast infection suffer to crave sugar, just to feed itself and grow.

So now we know what research has found that begins the yeast wars in our systems. It may be a lifelong habit of eating poorly and eating mostly sugary and empty calorie foods. It is possible for men to have a yeast infection as well, however, their symptoms may be more digestive and not as similar as the signs women get. It may be more of a silent problem with men because they will chalk it up to overeating or something they ate, when in reality, it may be the Candidiasis growing out of control, due to diet or other causes mentioned earlier.

The Reason The Candida Diet Works

The reason why this diet may be the best diet you have ever been on, is that you may gain your good health back, or maybe find good health for the very first time. Since the yeast is releasing toxins into your body, the first important thing to do is to detox your body. This is an easy step-by-step planned cleanse.

Then the next step is to be very strict, at first, about not eating any foods that may feed the yeast. Then you will want to incorporate the foods that not only kill the bad yeast but nourish the good yeast or fungus into the strong immunity fighters they were designed to be. Together all of these steps will make a huge difference in your life and may explain many other ailments you thought were normal. Our health is the most important thing in our lives and we usually don’t appreciate it until it is gone.

How To Battle A Vaginal Yeast Infection And Win

If our bodies were a battle field, our weaponry would be our immune system and the enemy would be Candida. However, Candida is more of a double-agent. Candida is actually what resides in our bodies as a friend, to help with digestion and intestinal health, thus keeping our immune system healthy and in top shape.

So the reason that Candida steps over to the enemy’s side, is because the immune system has been weakened from something that is happening inside of our bodies. The perpetrators come in the form of Stress, poor diet, antibiotics, birth control pills and steroids. Many of these things, and usually not just one, happens and attacks our immunities and weakens them. Then Candida turns into the enemy, a yeast infection.

The On Going Candida Battle

vaginal infectionWhen a vaginal yeast infection strikes, chances are that it will be at least one or more of the things mentioned above. Usually more than one will attack our strong immune system and cause it to let enemies pass the gates. Probiotics and the immune system work together to keep our bodies happy and healthy. Probiotics are always our friend and they help the acid/alkali levels to keep in check.

If our bodies get too acidic or alkalotic, we tend to get sick, and in this unbalanced pH environment, our immunities become weakened, and then the good bacteria, fungus or Candida turns into a rapidly overgrowing yeast. When the body experiences the yeast bombardment, it starts to give off symptoms – and one symptom is a vaginal yeast infection.

So now, understanding how everything works in compliance together, and in the absence of it working, our body cries out through symptoms. That is the main reason that holistic medicine looks at the symptoms as a clue, and not as something to medicate away. Often holistic medicine or natural remedies work well, on an ailment like vaginal yeast infection. Treated and cured without the harmful side effects of a chemical or synthetic remedy.

Holistic Approach For Candida Yeast Infection

Holistic medicine looks at the body as a whole entity, and treats it in this way. When symptoms occur, it is a clue to look further. In this case, it is probiotics and prebiotics that have been killed off, due to stress, high sugar intake, poor nutrition and eating yeast feeding foods.

The plan of attack is to do something that will re-enlist the good bacteria, to go in and take over again. The good bacteria lives in probiotic foods and probiotic capsules, the dosage necessary is usually thousands of millions of tiny live bacteria, especially if you are in a full blown infection. They will then go in and repair the damage done by killing the bad, right along with the good bacteria. This should be included in all Candida cleanse diet plans to control and eliminate yeast infections.

By replenishing the good flora, the pH balance once again levels out, but most importantly it brings the immune system back to its healthy protective state. A state of health to fight off diseases and other ailments. You can find probiotics in your local grocery store, in yogurt and other products that say ‘live culture’. Look for that label because some yogurts will say that they have the cultures or probiotics in them but do not. If they haven’t added back in the culture after the heating process, then you are buying yogurt that has no live culture, and no benefits.

Look for the label to say it has live cultures and probiotics when you buy yogurt, some other products have a good culture present like Kefir, and some cheeses have it too if they have not been made with yeast. If you are not a yogurt lover, you can go to your whole food stores or vitamins shops and ask for capsules of acidophilus. Most will be in the refrigerated section to keep the fragile cultures alive.

Another point that you need to check, is that some brands of cultures will be sitting out on the shelves and not under refrigeration. In which case they are a dead culture, and of no use to your immune system and your battle. The only exceptions, are the companies that say they have taken precautions to keep the culture alive, usually by means of freeze drying.

The Truth About Candida And Vaginitis

Most everyone has heard of yeast infection, some know why they happen or at least when to expect them. It is something that may be hard to talk about, even with your doctor. Some will suffer for literally weeks until they seek help.

The medical term for a yeast infection is Candida also Candidiasis. This is one of three types of vaginitis or a vaginal infection. The other two are not as commonly known, Trichomoniasis which is started by a parasite and the third type is transmitted by a bacteria from a sexual partner.

Candida – The Super Hero For Health

Think of Candida as a soldier protecting our body from the inside out, always on patrol to find and kill off the harmful pathogens and bacteria. Its duty is to keep the immunities strong and the friendly probiotic bacteria high, this keeps the number of the bad fungus from multiplying.

Candida albicans, a good fungus, is but one of the many strains of Candida. This strain of Candida is normally found in the bowel flora and is a very important part of our good health. It is also found in the throat, intestines, mouth and in our digestive tract. Without this healthy yeast or fungus our bodies quickly turn toxic.

vaginal When in perfect balance, Candida provides millions of microorganisms that protect our bodies by working with and keeping strong the immune system. The proper balance of pH, an acid to alkaline balance, keeps these healthy microorganisms working as they should. However, when this system is compromised, Candida quickly begins to overgrow and this is when the problems begins.

Several Reasons Can Compromise The Immune System

There are many different reasons why the system goes a little haywire and starts producing too much yeast, but there is never just one cause. This precious balance of acid and alkaline goes out of balance from several things happening. Use of antibiotics, eating too much sugar, eating empty carbohydrates that turn to sugar in the body, or just having a poor junk food diet. Studies show that stress or trauma will also cause the flip of good bacteria to bad.

When this happens our good Candida albicans goes from an amazing ally to the worst of enemies that invade our bodies. When this helpful yeast turns into a fungus, it will form roots or rhizoids that actually pierce the intestinal wall and cause leaks, the beginning of the leaky gut syndrome.

After these roots perforate and exit through the walls of the intestines they will carry a host of toxins with them. It will start inflammation, food allergies or intolerance, brain fog is also related to this sick state of out of balance pH.

Additional symptoms will start to reveal swelling and itching accompanied by a white discharge in both men and women in the genital areas, this is called yeast infection.

The Three Types Of Infections

A yeast infection can be confused with infections of the vagina or in medial terms, vaginitis. Another cause of vaginitis is one that is triggered by a protozoa or basically a parasite, its medical term is Trichomoniasis. The last of the three types of vaginitis is started by bacteria, this is referred to in medical terms as vaginosis and in most cases is sexually transmitted.

However, all of these three types of vaginal infection have one thing in common, a compromised immune system. We can compromise our internal system many ways. Toxins may have built up in the intestines, lymph or kidneys and at an extreme toxic level will make it into the bloodstream causing a serious infection of the blood called sepsis.

When the Candida invasion takes over it can become systemic quickly and at this point may settle in different parts of the body. Some of the many parts of the body it can affect are frightening. It may cause spleen enlargement, blindness, kidney failure, heart murmur and usually all accompanied by a fever because the body is in full wage battle.

One very important thing to remember is, by the time you begin to see signs and symptoms, the yeast has already started the process of overgrowth. When the battle is finally waged in this advanced stage it is difficult to fight your way back to health. Prevention is the best way to stay infection free and healthy.

Symptoms Of Candida Vaginal Yeast Infection Can Be Serious

vaginal yeast infections


Men and women both may be familiar with the symptoms of yeast infections. Possibly from commercials and advertisements or from firsthand experience. The truth is a yeast infection can affect both men and women. Women are plagued by vaginitis or vaginal itching and men as well can contract yeast infections in and around the penile area.

Infections of the vaginal and penile area can be caused by a bacteria or can be caused by a parasite. The most common, however, is the infection caused by yeast. What may not be as well-known is the reason that a yeast infection is caused in the first place.

Will Medications Help Yeast Infections?

Most believe that a prescription or an over the counter medication for yeast infections is the only answer for painful yeast infections. However, it does not rid the body of the growing yeast long term and may cause it to come back with more strength, it may even be unresponsive to antibiotics eventually.

Medications just mask the condition and does not address the source of the matter. By taking the medicines that stop the infection and painful vaginal yeast infection symptoms, you may see relief but you will have it return time and time again. So to actually ‘cure’ it we need to look at what is happening to our bodies.

Our bodies, when in a healthy state, all have a small amount of the good yeast. This yeast lives in our bodies in our guts and small intestines. Not coincidentally, most or our immune system is located in our gut and small intestines. So what happens when the delicate balance of the right amount of flora or yeast gets out of balance, our immune system begins shutting down.

Our Immune System And Vaginal Yeast Infection

Just about all of us know how important our immunities are and how they protect us and keep us healthy in the face of every day germs up to catastrophic diseases. So since our immune system is very dependent on good flora in the gut and intestine, when the delicate balance is compromised so is our health.

By observing what happens when our bodies yeast starts to overgrow, this is really too much of a good thing and turns our bodies into a yeast incubating machine. The result of this overgrowth is our immune system breaks down and many unwanted ailments start to happen.

One of the many signals our body shows us is yeast infections, the most common is the vaginal yeast infection. So starving off the overgrowth of yeast and replenishing the good yeast is the best way to begin gaining your health back. The quickest and only way to rid our bodies of the overgrowth of yeast is to starve off the bad yeast. Denying it anything to feed on will aid in killing it off.

A disconcerting thought is that the bad yeast will cause you to crave the very food it feeds upon. This may sound a bit like a science fiction movie, but this is the truth of Candida. Although this can be an unnerving thought the reality is sticking to a starvation diet, not for you but for the fungi or yeast itself.

Part of this one, two punch is to, at the same, time feed your immune system to make it strong again to fight for your health. Depending on your level of yeast in your body you may start to feel better in a few days to a few weeks. By knowing what Candidiasis is, how it is caused and how to get back to good health will give you the motivation and courage to find good health once again!

What You Need To Know About Yeast Infections

When it comes to female health problems, few are more delicate than yeast infections. Although a yeast infection rarely poses a serious health risk, it’s an aggravating condition that should be dealt with swiftly in order to minimize the irritation you experience. Presented below are several tips and techniques you can use to deal with a yeast infection quickly and effectively.

vaginal yeast


Yeast infections thrive in heat and humidity. This can be a problem if you tend to sweat a great deal. Try to stick with natural fibers and organic materials in your wardrobe. These kinds of clothes have plenty of air flow and minimize the amount of sweat that stays near your skin. Synthetic fabrics (e.g. spandex, nylon, or Lycra) should be avoided. Wearing clothes made of such material will encourage the sort of conditions yeast infections find ideal.

Natural Remedies Help Candida Yeast Infections

Give natural remedies a try if you’re dealing with a stubborn yeast infection. Some modern medications intended for this condition come with a host of unpleasant side effects. All-natural yeast infection cures make use of healthy, gentle ingredients that present minimal possibilities for irritation. Common remedies include vinegar, garlic, apple cider, and yogurt.

Apple cider vinegar can be particularly useful when you want some relief from a yeast infection’s constant itchy pain. Simple add a cup full of vinegar to a hot bath before you enjoy a relaxing soak. This can provide terrific amounts of relief.

In the world of all-natural yeast infection treatments, garlic is one of the most powerful options. Besides controlling blood pressure, garlic is highly effective at fighting yeast infections. Garlic is natural, affordable, and easy to buy at the grocery store. Including a bit of garlic in your diet is an excellent way to reduce the risk of future infections.

Garlic supplements can also help you steer clear of yeast infections. Thanks to its natural antifungal effects, garlic makes your body better able to resist new yeast infections and also helps your immune system fight existing ones. Garlic even helps to minimize the symptoms you experience while you’re dealing with an infection.

In order to treat the itching that’s frequently caused by yeast infections, use gentle products to find relief. It’s tempting to grab the most powerful anti-itch cream you can find, but you’ll find it’s far more effective to stick with mild products that won’t cause additional irritation.

Always shower and change into fresh clothes after exercising. Omitting these vital steps seriously increases your odds of contracting a yeast infection. Letting sweat and moisture get trapped in your clothes and on your skin provides yeast infections with an ideal environment. Even when showering is impossible, changing clothes will help a great deal.

It’s important to be able to distinguish between infections caused by yeast and those caused by bacteria. The signs of a yeast infection are redness, itching, burning, and cottage-cheese-like discharge. Bacterial infections can also cause irritation and itching, but they’re accompanied by unpleasant odors and discharges that are greenish or yellowish. Consult with a doctor if you’re not sure what type of infection you’re dealing with.

The Role Of Candida

If you tend to suffer from repeated and lengthy yeast infections, you may have a systemic infection throughout your body. Candida albicans, the organism responsible for most yeast infections, can spread throughout your system. Full-body Candida infections cause a white coating to appear on your tongue. They also seriously depress your immune system, so make sure you ask your doctor to check for systemic infection.

Cutting certain foods out of your diet can help stave off yeast infections. Candida is more potent when you eat lots of sugars, caffeine, sulphates, and dairy products. Minimizing your consumption of foods from these groups can significantly reduce your risk of experiencing a yeast infection.

If you have long-term problems with yeast infections, consider switching to the Candida diet. This diet includes many food choices intended to fight existing yeast infections and make it much harder to contract new ones. The diet is high in vegetables and lean protein, with plenty of whole grains and fruits including pears, cherries, and apples. Probiotic supplements are also helpful, and staying well-hydrated with ordinary water or herbal tea is vital.

Although you do have to take steps to fight against their annoying and persistent symptoms, yeast infections pose no serious threat. If you make good use of the information presented here, you’ll find it much easier to overcome a yeast infection and avoid them better in the future.

How To Determine If You Have A Yeast Infection

A whole host of things can bring about a yeast infection for a women. Simple events such as stress, a wet bathing suit left on too long, a round of antibiotics, birth control pills or pregnancy may begin the first signs of a yeast infection. However, the studies show that the one thing all of these events have in common is a weakened immune system.

It is usually an easy call for a women to know the signs of a yeast infection. However, at times or in an advanced stage, some can exhibit different symptoms than are normal and may be overlook for something else.

The Real Cause Of Most Yeast Infections

Unless a vaginal infection is caused by bacteria or parasite, they are normally caused by a fungus or yeast that has basically become unbalanced. A healthy vaginal cavity will have the proper amount of fungus and acid together, and in this proportion will be free from infection.

yeast infection


The normal balance is caused by the fungus, Candida, and by the acid of lactobacillus. Together they bring a balance, a correct pH balance, which controls the Candida from overgrowth. The common vaginal symptoms for yeast infection are usually itching, burning, discharge and have been known to cause flu like symptoms as well. These symptoms are evidence that your body, or more specifically your immune system, is battling to bring itself back to the proper disease free pH balance.

To aid in jump starting your immune system, back to a healthy normal level, many have found that taking lactobacillus acidophilus orally at the first hint of symptoms will help. Research has shown that taking this good culture or good bacteria, on a daily basis may help your immune system keep and stay healthy.

Causes Of Increased Risk Factors For An Yeast Infection

Some studies have shown that women with diabetes are more prone to develop a yeast infection, especially if they have blood sugar level issues. Antibiotics are known to kill off many bacteria, both good and bad, when this happens it will cause an imbalance and a yeast infection is very likely to occur. When prescribed antibiotics, some doctors may mention to eat yogurt while taking the antibiotics.

More often than not, the patient is not told that all yogurt is not the same. The correct yogurt to take is the one that has the good bacteria in it, such as acidophilus and other lactobacillus bacteria. Many cheaper versions of yogurt have only a gelatin added and does not have the important bacteria. By taking this it is helping put the good bacteria back into your body that the antibiotics are killing along with the bad.

Other risk factors are increased estrogen levels. This can be due to hormonal therapy, pregnancy or birth control pills. It is also more likely if the immune system is compromised by treatments of corticosteroid therapy or with HIV infections. Getting your immune system strong and healthy is really the key to all good health, not just to avoid a yeast infection.

A yeast infection is not categorized as a sexually transmitted infection, however, it can be transmitted from one infected partner to another during sex, especially by oral to genital contact. Since everyone has this delicate pH balance to maintain, men can also be infected in and around the penile area.

Finding The Right Approach To End Yeast Infections

One blatant reason why conventional medicine doesn’t work or irradiate a medical condition is because it looks at the entire body and focuses on ’keeping the patient comfortable’ by stopping the symptoms. Another fact is that a synthetic chemical cannot be completely used or absorbed by the body.

Most conventional medicine is ruled by the pharmaceutical and drug companies which put pressure on doctors to keep the patient relying on the drugs. Often these drugs are prescribed with a dose of fear that the patient will have to take the medicine for the rest of his life or suffer the consequences.

Rather, natural medicine or holistic medicine approaches the symptoms as a clue to the real reason. It does not try to mask the symptom just to keep the patient comfortable, it looks to restore real health to the entire body. By restoring the whole body to good health it will be able to successfully fight off such things as yeast infections and many other diseases. The right diet and cleansing of the immune system is paramount in this process.