Running Tattoos, do you want one?

Would you get a Running Tattoo?

That really is the question and the primary reason for our existence. Tattoo’s are a great way to mark a special occasion and is probably one of the reasons runners will often get a marathon tattoo to celebrate accomplishing their first marathon. One runner once suggested they were going to tattoo their personal best on their leg when another runner asked what happens if you beat it? Tattoo removal is not easy and not without pain so would you want a series of numbers running down your leg.

You love to run now but will you always? What happens after accomplishing a couple of goals you start to pursue that hidden interest in golf or rock climbing leaving running behind you or something that you do just now and again but that running tattoo that you got years earlier is always staring back at you in the mirror, what would you do then? Think of all the people that may have gotten a Lance Armstrong inspired tattoo before the news came out in the Oprah interview, would you still want to wear that everyday.

Our motto at RunGoddess is wear the ink, not the commitment. Think of our temporary tattoos as training wheels on your bike. Before you commit to that running tattoo that you may have for the rest of your life, wear a few temporary tattoos at a race and see what you think. It may give you a better idea of what you are looking for in terms of design and you may start by wearing one on your arm and then later decide that you would prefer to have it somewhere else. With a temporary tattoo those decisions are not permanent, ours will typically last one to two weeks, not a lifetime.

If you have any running tattoos what type of tattoos did you get and where did you have them done, please leave us your comments in our comments section below.

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